The Fastest Path to Your Baby: Know What You Want

I recently finished reading a book, that for some strange reason, I’ve avoided reading even though I’ve known about it for decades. Something about the title of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich has always made me feel like I was joining some money hungry shallow gene pool by just opening the pages. My naïve [...]

By | April 20th, 2015|Opinion|

Which Egg Freezing Method is Better for Fertility Preservation: Slow-Freeze or Flash Freeze Vitrification?

  KABC-TV Los Angeles featured an interesting story on egg freezing which highlighted that regardless of which technique is used for egg freezing, experienced egg freezing centers have achieved equal success rates. Frozen Egg Bank Inc. in Southern California, perfected the science of slow freezing in 2000 resulting in the State’s first baby born from frozen [...]

By | November 13th, 2013|Science & Technology|

Launch of New Frozen Donor Egg Bank Website and Services for Patients Worldwide

West Coast Fertility Centers has teamed up with Frozen Egg Bank to form Global Donor Egg Bank, making it easier and more affordable for frozen donor eggs, sperm, and embryo to be available for screening and shipment worldwide. At birth, a woman is born with all the eggs that she will ever have in her [...]

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First Frozen Egg Baby in California at the Egg Freezing Program at West Coast Fertility Center Turns 8 Years Old in October 2013

  Precious Cadyn Elizabeth celebrates her 8th birthday in October 2013. Although she is 8 years old, the eggs from which she was conceived were frozen back in 2001 at the egg freezing program at West Coast Fertility Centers which is considered one of the leading egg freezing centers in the country specializing in the field [...]

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Egg Freezing Gives Hope to Young Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatments

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In year 2013, the American Cancer Society, Surveillance and Health Services estimates 232,340 invasive cases of female breast cancer. Nearly 11,000 of these invasive cases affect women less than 40 years old. Dr. David Diaz encourages all young breast cancer patients to discuss egg freezing fertility preservation with [...]

By | October 11th, 2013|Health & Medicine|

Egg Freezing Study Shows Higher Pregnancy Rate with Slow Freeze Technique at Frozen Egg Bank, Inc.

Dr. Rick Paulson from USC Fertility program presented and important study about frozen egg banks and reported on the efficiency of frozen donor eggs in ObGyn News. Dr. Paulson looked at 7 donor egg bank results. Six banks used vitrification (flash freeze method) with a per egg pregnancy rate of 7.5%. These 6 banks recommended [...]

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