Our Frozen Donor Egg Program

Global Donor Egg Bank makes frozen donor eggs available to patients and clinics throughout the country and the world. A leader in egg freezing technology since the year 2000, our medical and scientific team have been refining the art of freezing and thawing a woman’s unfertilized eggs.

Global Donor Egg Bank is recognized as a pioneer in the specialty of egg freezing since developing its proprietary Landa freezing technology, resulting in the birth of over 100 healthy babies from frozen eggs.

Our experienced team is here to assist you in every step toward becoming a frozen donor egg recipient. We offer compassionate guidance and professional service to make the entire process run smoothly and easily for the intended parents.

Pathway to Becoming a Frozen Donor Egg Recipient

We understand the emotional and medical hurdles you’ve been through to reach this moment of considering and using donor eggs. We have worked with dozens of families who were donor egg recipients. They have expressed that the love for their children could not be any different than if they had used their own eggs. The parents shared that it was the bonding and relationship ties with their children, more so than the genetic ties, that made them feel like a family.

Global Donor Egg Bank offers you a comprehensive frozen donor egg treatment package.


  • Consultation
  • Ultrasound scans before transfer
  • Estrogen blood tests
  • Egg thawing
  • Insemination using Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Assisted Hatching, culture of embryos to day 5
  • Guarantee of at least one high quality Blastocyst
  • Transfer of embryos
  • Pregnancy test

Not Included

  • Uterus measurement
  • Mock transfer
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Medications to prepare uterus
  • Antibody/coagulation tests
Given our experience and longevity in the donor egg process, we have seen a multitude of issues that can arise from parents choosing the traditional fresh donor eggs.

Using fresh donor eggs require simultaneous synchronization of the egg donor’s menstrual cycle and the recipient mother’s cycle. At times, it is often difficult to coordinate the donor’s and the recipient’s cycles due to:

  • Medication errors made by the egg donor
  • Donor non-compliance with FDA regulations
  • Inadvertent pregnancy by the donor
  • Problems with the egg donor’s travel arrangements which are paid by the recipient
  • Donor demands for excessive payment
  • Unexpected cancellation of the cycle by the donor

Also, there is the issue of storing unused, excess embryos which may be used or often abandoned by the intended parents. The entire cost of this process is covered by the recipient of the donated eggs.

Synchronization Problems Are Avoided with Frozen Donor Eggs

Frozen donor eggs are available whenever the intended mother is ready to begin. By using frozen donor eggs, the recipient mother does not have to wait for the donor to start the stimulation cycle. Frozen donor eggs can eliminate the potential hassle and heartache for the parents, not to mention the time savings of several months required in a traditional fresh donor egg cycle.

The use of frozen donor eggs allows for a more controlled ovarian stimulation of the egg donor independently of the recipient’s menstrual cycle. At her own convenience, the recipient mother can select the donor’s stored cryopreserved eggs which can be thawed in order to achieve a pregnancy.

This innovation in egg freezing technology dramatically improves the efficiency of the egg donation process thus minimizing the cost and time of donor egg fertility treatment for the intended parents.

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Advanced State-of-the-Art Laboratories

For quality assurance and consistent success rates, our clinical, embryology, and andrology laboratories are operated in-house. Our laboratories are accredited by the State of California and nationally by the College of American Pathologists, certifying that we are qualified members of an exclusive group of reproductive centers in the United States meeting the highest standards of excellence.

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A New Life…Is Our Life’s Work

The founder and clinical director of Global Donor Egg Bank is David G. Diaz, MD, a Harvard trained reproductive endocrinologist, a fertility specialist, and an egg freezing expert certified by the American Board of OB/GYN. Global Donor Egg Bank is a division of Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. established in 2005.

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Since 2000, Frozen Egg Bank’s scientific pioneering work has led to the development of novel egg freezing solutions ranging from conventional slow freezing to the newer vitrification technique.

In 2005, this work resulted in the birth of Cadyn Elizabeth, California’s first baby born from frozen eggs. In an IRB approved study, the two companies collaborated in the formation of a birth registry which tracks the health of children born from frozen eggs. The company’s techniques have resulted in dozens of pregnancies and live births from frozen eggs.

West Coast Fertility Center, a member of ASRM and SART, enjoys 25 years of experience in the management and treatment of infertility using the latest techniques in IVF, ICSI, Embryo biopsy for Genetic Screening, laser-guided Assisted Hatching and a highly successful Donor Egg/ Surrogacy program.

Complex cases involving both female and male infertility have been successfully treated by the company’s medical specialists.

West Coast Fertility Center and Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. have successfully merged to form Global Donor Egg Bank.