Brief History of Egg Freezing

The combination efforts of the medical and administrative expertise of West Coast Fertility Center (WCFC) with the scientific and research development of Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB) created Global Donor Egg Bank.

Cartoon Depiction of a Female Scientist With a Microscope and a Lab Rat

1960’s: Early freezing experiments in mammals.

Early egg freezing techniques tested in rodent oocytes (eggs).

Screenshot of Christopher Chen Abstract From The Lancet

1986: First report of frozen egg pregnancy by Christopher Chen in “The Lancet.”

The first report of frozen egg pregnancy in The Lancet Journal in April 1986 by Christopher Chen.

Photo of Phil Donahue, Mary Shearing, and Dr. David Diaz

1992 WCFC: Mary Shearing - oldest mom pregnant with donor eggs.

West Coast Fertility Center treats Mary Shearing, a 53 year old menopausal woman using donor eggs to achieve pregnancy. Mary’s twin girls are now 22 years old.

Embryologist Working With Microscope Photo

2000: Frozen Egg Bank begins research to improve egg freezing success.

Frozen Egg Bank begins researching and developing new techniques to improve pregnancy rates using frozen eggs.

West Coast Fertility Centers News Story in The Los Angeles Times

2002: West Coast Fertility Center featured in Los Angeles Times leading article “Fertility in Reserve.”

A leading newspaper article “Fertility in Reserve” appears in the Los Angeles Times on February 25, 2002. Journalist travels to West Coast Fertility Center laboratories to photo document the new art of egg freezing.

First Frozen Egg Baby Gives Dr. David Diaz a Hi-Five Photo

2005: First frozen egg baby born at West Coast Fertility Center.

The First Frozen Egg baby is born at West Coast Fertility Center. Eggs thawed after 4 years in cryostorage result in the birth of Cadyn Elizabeth, a healthy girl born in California on October 6, 2005.

Closeup Photo of Dr. David Diaz With Frozen Eggs Being Stored

2008: Frozen Egg Bank success rates introduced at Serono Pharmaceuticals Symposium in San Francisco, California.

Frozen Egg Bank is invited to present highly successful pregnancy rates featuring its new egg freezing solutions at the Serono Pharmaceuticals Symposium, City Hall, San Francisco, California.

eshre Logo

June 2009: Frozen Egg Bank featured at European Society for Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Amsterdam, Holland.

Frozen Egg Bank’s research in egg freezing is presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Amsterdam.

Photo Collage of Babies Born From Frozen Eggs at West Coast Fertility Centers

November 2009: West Coast Fertility Center celebrates the birth of the 50th baby born from frozen eggs.

The 50th Frozen Egg Baby Born at West Coast Fertility Centers. Thus far, more than 80 babies conceived with frozen eggs have been born using FEB’s method at affiliated centers.

Preserved Meiotic Spindle Under Microscope

2010: FEB presents video at ASRM annual meeting in Washington D.C. – “Egg Meiotic Spindle is Preserved in Frozen Eggs”

Frozen Egg Bank demonstrates a video program at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. The presentation shows that FEB’s freezing solutions protect the meiotic spindle in frozen human eggs. The spindle is important in normal embryo development.

Frozen Baby Reunion in Orange County Photo

October 2011: West Coast Fertility Center hosts World’s First Reunion of Babies born from Frozen Eggs.

The World’s First Reunion of Frozen Egg Babies is hosted by Dr. David Diaz in Orange County, California. The families of babies born from egg freezing are honored.

Hatching Blastocyst From Vitrified and Slow-Freeze Eggs Under a Microscope

2012: Frozen Egg Bank’s egg pilot study shows equal thawing success using either Slow Freeze method or Vitrification method.

Frozen Egg Bank’s study shows equal success in egg thawing using Vitrification (flash freeze method) or Slow Freeze Landa method developed by David Diaz, MD and Antoine La, Embryologist.

Global Donor Egg Bank Website Launch Photo

2013: West Coast Fertility Center and Frozen Egg Bank merge to form Global Donor Egg Bank.

West Coast Fertility Center and Frozen Egg Bank merge to form Global Donor Egg Bank, making frozen donor eggs available worldwide and transporting them to any destination around the globe according to local regulations.

Frozen Egg Births Photo

2015: Successful baby births from around the country using frozen donor eggs from Global Donor Egg Bank.

Many successful baby births from around the country using frozen donor eggs from Global Donor Egg Bank. Parents send in pictures of their new babies expressing their joy and happiness.

2015: First frozen egg baby celebrates 10th birthday.

Our first frozen egg baby, Cadyn Elizabeth, celebrates her 10th birthday at West Coast Fertility Center. A bright and thriving red head who has met every growth milestone and is 100% healthy.