Parenthood and Family for LGBT Couples

A child evokes union, love, and legacy. The emotional ties that bind a couple can naturally lead to starting a family.

Dr. David Diaz and his medical professionals understand the importance of family and support the LGBT community wholeheartedly. With over 25 years of experience at West Coast Fertility Centers and Global Donor Egg Bank, they have the medical know-how and the means to make parenthood possible for gay and lesbian couples. Dr. David Diaz is awarded the 2016 Top Doc by Orange Coast Magazine and Castle Connolly. What makes this award very special is that physicians are nominated and selected by other doctors whom they feel are the most outstanding in their medical specialties.

We are a Full Service Center Providing...

1. Medical team with experience and compassionate care

A Harvard trained reproductive endocrinologist with a passion for teaching and scientific research, Dr. David Diaz and West Coast Fertility Centers have successfully helped the LGBT community create loving families for over twenty-five years.

We are focused and committed to fulfilling your dream of having a child. Our relationships with our patients are based on trust and respect. Over the years, our patients have raved about our medical advancements and personalized care in a comfortable setting. We are conveniently located in Orange County, California, between Los Angeles and San Diego.

2. State-of-the Art Laboratory and Surgical Suite for Egg Harvesting, Egg Freezing, and IVF

We provide convenience for our patients by having everything under one roof so we can monitor and track egg culture and embryo development using the latest cutting edge technology in a comfortable and caring environment.

Our certifications and accreditations validate that we meet the highest standards of excellence for our in-house laboratories and surgical suite. Since the IVF laboratory standards account for as much as 50% of success in an IVF program,  quality control is a key factor at our advanced reproductive center. For more than 15 years, we have consistently met the rigorous standards of the Society for Assisted Reproduction, the College of American Pathologists, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and the Institute for Medical Quality. Our laboratory is CLIA certified and licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health. We are also registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

3. Frozen donor egg bank for gay couples to select the best match

Only the most qualified and healthiest egg donors are accepted into our program. Extensive medical, genetic, and psychological screening have been performed to ensure that donor eggs will produce the best results for our patients.

Our egg donors come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and we provide comprehensive history and characteristics of each donor for your review. The donor eggs at Global Donor Egg Bank are cryo-preserved and stored securely. Many complications can be avoided by using frozen donor eggs instead of fresh eggs. For example, there will be no need to synchronize the ovarian cycle of the egg donor and the surrogate and travel costs of the egg donor will not be incurred.

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Frozen Donor Eggs Provide

  • Immediate availability = no waiting time
  • Excellent success rates = healthy baby
  • Reduced costs = savings
  • Convenience = no synchronization
More Benefits & Advantages for using Frozen Donor Eggs
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Testimonials from Gay Couples

"My partner and I went to Dr. Diaz after so many hurdles of trying to start a family. Being a gay couple, we decided to try IVF. This was really our last hope after trying with a traditional surrogate for 2 years and that being unsuccessful. When we saw Dr. Diaz, he made us feel right at home and comfortable. His staff is amazing and answered all emails and calls right away. We found a surrogate in the OC area and the process for her was simple and Dr. Diaz made sure it was a right fit for us. Within 60 days of meeting Dr. Diaz, we had our first IVF and it was a success. Thank you for making our family a reality."
Mike T.
"I previously had my tubes tied and didn’t think I was going to have any more children until I met my partner. I went through IVF at age 41 and successfully had a baby boy, Austin. We attempted to have our second child together and it was not successful with IVF so we decided to come back for our third attempt. At that time, I was 44 years old and Dr. Diaz recommended that I do not use my own eggs because it may not be successful. We opted to have frozen donor eggs and I ended up pregnant and we have our son, Brodie.

It’s important for people to know that there are options for people who can’t have children or whatever circumstances may have changed in life and you decide to have more children. We are extremely happy that we came to Dr. Diaz."

Melinda K.

Step by Step Process to Build Your Family

Step 1

Discuss parenthood, family, and co-parenting with your partner.

Step 2

Consult with Dr. David Diaz in person or by phone. We can provide the excellent medical care that you need and can guide you through the entire process with support and educational resources to make everything run smoothly.

Step 3

Select the perfect egg donor match from our frozen Global Donor Egg Bank. We will help you through the process with finding your best match from our database of young, healthy frozen eggs.

Step 4

If you are a male couple, get a semen analysis to ensure the healthiest sperm are used. Donor eggs are typically inseminated using In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with the sperm of one or both partners. The embryos are then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate whose body has been medically prepared to accept the embryos and carry them to term.

If you are a female couple, we can assist in finding a suitable sperm donor from our bank or one of our trusted affiliates. We can transfer embryos to a partner or a surrogate.