Unique Services at Global Donor Egg Bank

Frozen donor eggs and frozen donor sperm can be used to create embryos.

1. International patients may select their preferred donor and request her eggs to be shipped worldwide, depending on the customs regulations of each country.

2. Frozen donor eggs are available for thaw using either the slow freeze technique or vitrification method. A pilot study performed by FEB showed there was no significant difference in the pregnancy rate using either method.

3. Since the eggs of most donors are already frozen, there is no waiting time to find a desired donor, making this an added benefit for patient convenience.

4. Patients may also choose frozen donor eggs and frozen donor sperm to create embryos which can be genetically screened and then shipped worldwide. In cases of severe female and male genetically linked diseases, patients may use either frozen donor eggs and/or frozen donor sperm to create viable embryos which can be genetically tested.

Photo Collage of a Human Egg, Sperm, Embryo, and Blastocyst

The goal of thawing frozen donor eggs is to create blastocysts for transfer.

5. A concierge service can assist patients who wish to combine treatment with a recreational vacation to enjoy the fun and beauty that Southern California offers. We can assist with hotels, transportation and sightseeing during your visit.

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Restoring Your Fertility with Donor Eggs

Global Frozen Egg Bank advocates for using egg freezing to help young women diagnosed with cancer or serious medical problems and serves as a resource for people and medical professionals interested in educating women about reproduction.

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The company operates an online data base featuring images and background profiles of young, healthy donors whose eggs have been frozen and catalogued by educational level, ethnic background and genetic history.

Each donor has been deemed eligible for donation using the national criteria established by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Donors also undergo detailed genetic evaluation and psychological screening.