Future Parents: Step-by-Step Process

To help us place you on the Path to Parenthood we have designed an efficient system to get you started at Global Donor Egg Bank.

Step 1

Apply Online to Become a Future Parent

Apply to become a Future Parent by completing our online application.  Our frozen donor egg coordinator will contact you.

Step 2

Upon review, we will email you the Donor Matching Profile.

Based on your application, our frozen donor egg coordinator will email you a link to our Donor Matching Profile form that can filled out securely online. Using the information in your profile and our familiarity with each donor, we will make a recommendation for a match that suits your needs. This process involves a careful review of your profile by our matching committee and then contacting you be phone or email.

Step 3

Egg Donor Selections with Assistance in the Matching Process

We will send you photos of proposed donors along with additional background information. After reviewing our recommendations, there are two possibilities:

  1. You accept the donor.
  2. You require further assistance to continue the search for a donor.

In either case, an administrative fee is required to begin your donor cycle or continue the search for your donor.

Step 4

Payment and Financing Options

The administrative fee is required to prepare for your uterine evaluation and to discuss potential dates for the frozen egg thaw, insemination and embryo transfer. View cost and financing options.

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Excellent Success Rates

With an egg survival rate of 91%, our frozen donor egg pregnancy rate rivals the pregnancy rate achieved with fresh donor eggs. All these factors contribute to Global Donor Egg Bank’s success.

  1. Experience of medical and scientific team
  2. A commitment toward egg freezing by the physician
  3. Dedication to mastering egg freezing by the embryologist
  4. Individualized preparation of the intended mother
  5. Proper selection of candidates suitable for frozen eggs
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Benefits of Frozen Donor Eggs

How Do I Get Started?

We invite prospective parents to learn more about our innovative technology by contacting our frozen donor egg coordinator at 714-513-1399 or by filling out our online contact form. We can assist you in making the best donor match based on your desired traits.