Our Success Rates at Global Donor Egg Bank

Building on more than ten years of research, the medical and scientific team at Frozen Egg Bank, Inc, now Global Donor Egg Bank, developed a method to preserve the eggs from young, healthy donors. It quickly became the premiere facility in the nation offering frozen donor eggs as a treatment for infertility.

This option gave our clients the best possible chance for pregnancy when donor eggs were recommended. The eggs became available immediately without the obstacles associated with traditional fresh egg donation namely: finding, examining and screening donors who may still be ineligible after months of waiting by the future parents.

Our experience indicates that egg freezing and thawing using the formula developed at Frozen Egg Bank, can be reproduced with good survival and pregnancy rates in any proficient embryology laboratory.

When used as specified, our egg thaw technique consistently yields a 91% survival rate; with a 54.3% pregnancy rate per transfer (50/92).

Egg Freezing Success Rates at West Coast Fertility Centers Chart

From our experience and results, it is demonstrated that pregnancy can be achieved with high success using only six frozen/thawed eggs with the transfer of 2 high quality embryos derived from frozen eggs.

  1. One woman used her own eggs, frozen by the Landa slow freeze technology 5 years ago after IVF, when she chose to freeze her surplus eggs instead of embryos. This is her second pregnancy using frozen eggs.
  2. Another woman, diagnosed with low ovarian function, accepted the option of using vitrified donor eggs instead of the riskier, more expensive fresh donor eggs. She became pregnant on her very first attempt.
  3. A third woman, who previously delivered a healthy baby from frozen egg, wanted a sibling for her first child. Two blastocysts from slow frozen eggs were transferred resulting in an excellent level of pregnancy hormone for this fortunate mother and father. They requested the same donor to insure a genetic link for their children.
  4. A fourth woman, living out of state was offered frozen donor eggs at a Global Donor Egg Bank affiliated clinic. Using the egg freezing solutions perfected at Frozen Egg Bank, that clinic succeeded in helping another of their patients become pregnant using frozen donor eggs.
Global Donor Egg Bank (FEB Inc.) presented their 91% frozen egg survival rate data at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) convention in 2008. Our team developed an IRB approved study for their digital programmed freezing method that has resulted in the births of over 75 healthy babies out of about 400 born in the U.S. from frozen eggs. Cadyn, the Center’s oldest frozen egg baby and the first in California, will celebrate her 8th birthday on October 6th, 2013.


Dr. David Diaz with Cadyn Elizabeth, the first frozen egg baby born in California from our Center.

Dr. David Diaz hosted the world’s first frozen egg baby reunion in October 2011. “This baby reunion was so unique and different because it was in honor of these wonderful pioneer families and their babies conceived from thawed frozen eggs,” expressed David Diaz, MD, named Top Doctor by US News & World Report.


As the public’s interest in egg freezing increases, consumers should research their treatment options. Well established egg banks are transparent when reporting their success rate. The number of live births from thawed frozen eggs is an important metric. Global Donor Egg Bank proudly publishes and shares its success rates with interested clients, doctors and embryologists.

Photo Collage of a Human Egg, Sperm, Embryo, and Blastocyst
Photo Collage of Babies Born From Frozen Eggs at West Coast Fertility Centers

Frozen Donor Eggs – Today’s Modern Solution to Reverse the Biologic Clock

Patients less than 37 years old have the highest pregnancy rates due to robust, favorable egg quality compared to women 38-40 years old.

The difference is even more dramatic in patients greater than 40 years of age. Notably, the age related decline can be reversed by using frozen donor eggs from young women in their mid 20’s.

To accommodate the needs of our clients, Global Donor Egg Bank has revolutionized the science of treating infertility by creating a database of diverse multi-ethnic frozen donor eggs from young, healthy donors.

Man Hugging a Woman From Behind With Hands Over Her Belly Photo

Understanding Success Rates

There are many factors that contribute to Global Donor Egg Bank’s success.

  1. Experience of medical & scientific team
  2. A commitment toward egg freezing by the physician
  3. Dedication to mastering egg freezing by the embryologists
  4. Familiarity with the principles of freezing technology
  5. Individualized preparation of the intended mother
  6. Proper selection of candidates suitable for frozen eggs

A national database developed by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) for consistent reporting of fertility treatment outcomes is published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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