Egg Freezing Research and Innovation = Frozen Donor Egg Success

Global Donor Egg Bank has perfected a method of successfully freezing and storing the eggs from healthy young donors thereby creating the premiere frozen donor egg bank in the country.

Using our proprietary egg freezing technique, we have achieved the highest success rates in the survival of frozen/thawed eggs. With an egg survival rate of 91%, our frozen donor egg pregnancy rate rivals the pregnancy rate achieved with fresh donor eggs.

Global Donor Egg Bank is constantly monitoring the outcome of our frozen egg technique and we are always searching for ways to improve our pregnancy success rates. We actively pursue laboratory and clinical research to maintain the highest standards in the specialized field of cryobiology.

Protecting the Egg’s Delicate Internal Structure During Freezing

Frozen donor eggs that are harvest during a donor’s youthful, robust years will retain normally functioning meiotic spindles which are preserved until eggs are thawed in the future. Patients less than 38 years old may also undergo “Elective Egg Freezing” of their own eggs.

The Anatomy of an Oocyte Diagram

A key component to successful donor egg freezing and spindle preservation is using a precise combination of sucrose, propanediol, and the correct temperature settings during the freezing and thawing of human eggs. Specially formulated solutions result in proper dehydration of water and at the same time the special solutions smoothly flow inside the egg through a process called osmosis. This smooth exchange of fluids, avoids ice crystal formation, preventing injury to the egg’s delicate internal structure.

Egg Freezing Studies


The color slide shows a beautifully preserved meiotic spindle in frozen donor eggs that were frozen then thawed yet retained their normal structure using Frozen Egg Bank’s Freeze-Thaw formula. This photo is taken from a presentation given by FEB at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Annual Meeting.

David G. Diaz MD, Anh-Tuan H. La, Maria C. Rodriguez-Karl, Steve Karl, Robert Koch
West Coast Fertility Centers, Orange County, CA
California State University, Fullerton, CA

Photo Collage of a Scientist Handling Human Eggs

Team of Experts

Our team of experts have dedicated their careers to helping thousands of couples achieve their dream of having a baby and creating a family.

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2016 Top Doc

Congratulations Dr. David Diaz for being awarded 2016 Top Doc by Castle Connolly and Orange Coast Magazine. What makes this award very special is that physicians are nominated and selected by other doctors whom they feel are the most outstanding in their medical specialties.

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