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Private IDEthnicityBuildHeightHair ColorEye ColorSkin ToneEducation Level
4FRVG Filipino X- Small < 5' Black Brown Medium Some College
09V3Y Caucasian Small 6' Brown Green Olive Bachelor's Degree
81QZF Vietnamese Medium 5' 5" Black Brown Medium Associate's Degree
CCBTI African American Medium 5' 6" Brown Brown Medium Some College
2HW1L Irish/Cherokee Small 5' 3" Dark Blonde Blue Fair Associate's Degree
9PMSH English, German, Irish, American Indian Small 5' 3" Dark Blonde Blue Fair Bachelor's Degree
ENSO5 English, Irish Small 5' 5" Red Blue Fair Bachelor's Degree
THE31 Thai, German Small 5' 1" Brown Brown Fair Some College
H9Q4Z Mexican Small 5' 6" Brown Brown Fair High School Graduate
EG851 German, Irish, Scottish Medium 5' 4" Blonde Hazel Fair Some College