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For people struggling with infertility, it’s now possible for Frozen Donor Eggs, Frozen Donor Sperm and Frozen Embryos to be shipped worldwide. This opens the path for intended parents with diminished fertility potential to receive reproductive tissue that can be used to establish pregnancies and start a family.

A new level of service in the treatment of infertility is now available following the merger of two leading companies specializing in assisted reproduction and infertility. With 15 years’ experience in cryopreserving human eggs, Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. and West Coast Fertility Centers have merged to create Global Donor Egg Bank in Southern California.

Donor Egg Success Rates

Extraordinary frozen donor egg success rates paralleled to a traditional cycle.

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Learn why using Frozen Donor Eggs are more convenient and affordable.

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Learn about the fees and financing available for frozen donor eggs.

Donor Egg Research

What makes our donor egg program and egg freezing technology so advanced?

Dr. David Diaz hosted the World’s First Frozen Egg Baby Reunion in Orange County in October 2011. This reunion was the first of its kind as it celebrated the pioneering families and their babies conceived from thawed frozen eggs.
"It has been a privilege to work with Dr. Diaz and his staff. Their professionalism and relationships with their patients are above and beyond any I have ever seen. I am glad I was able to share my passion for helping others with them." - Egg Donor at Frozen Egg Bank
Named as one of America’s Top Reproductive Endocrinologists, Dr. David Diaz developed a specialized egg freezing technique that dramatically minimized ice crystal formation during the egg freezing process and improved the egg survival rate to 91% after thawing.
When the best option for achieving a healthy pregnancy is with donor eggs, Global Donor Egg Bank makes it possible for intended parents to screen and select frozen eggs procured from healthy, rigorously screened donor candidates.